Studying in Wellington

Wellington is a great place to study. Here are ten reasons why.
  1. Wellington is creative. It is the region of choice for imaginative people. If you are stimulated by fresh ideas and new emerging outlooks you’ll find this place totally inspiring.
  2. Wellington is beautiful. Everywhere you go, the sounds and smell of the ocean hang in the air, and green hills and valleys wrap you in a bear-hug embrace. You can kayak in the harbour, walk in the bush and swim in the ocean. In Wellington the air is clean and you can see the stars at night. Wellington is a region of stunning natural beauty.
  3. Wellington is compact. We are defined by integrity, style and intensity – not by sprawl. Within the city, walking is often the preferred option. Everything is close. With excellent public transport getting around the region is easy.
  4. Wellington is safe. Students who choose Wellington will not get lost in the crowd. Long before they step off the plane our education providers are there helping students with learning assistance, affordable accommodation and ongoing care and support. We celebrate the diversity that international students bring to the region and look forward to welcoming them here.
  5. Wellington is cosmopolitan. People from all over the world choose to live in Wellington, making it a diverse and exciting place to be. Over 40 different countries have Embassies here, and a familiar face is never far away.
  6. Wellington is smart. High quality education is at the heart of Wellington. It starts in our primary schools and flows all the way through to our world ranked universities. Thinking and achievement radiate from here out across the country and around globe.
  7. Wellington is foodie. Every year Wellington restaurants and bars win national awards for being the best in the country. You can sample food from all around the world or experience the unique flavours of some of our finest restaurants. Wellington is also famous for coffee – with reportedly more cafes per capita than any other city in the world. We are the cuisine Capital.
  8. Wellington is vibrant. If you like festivals and street parties, you’ll like Wellington. There is always something on, and always something to celebrate. Some of our better known events include the International Arts Festival, NZI Sevens, Montana World of Wearable Art, the International Film Festival, Dragon Boat Racing, Cuba Street Carnival, Wellington on a Plate, Toast Martinborough and Summer City Festival Wellington.
  9. Wellington is the Capital. It’s a fascinating place to be. You can sit in a cafe next to a Government minister, and pass some of the most respected names in arts, education and business on the street. You can access all the advantages that come with living in a Capital city region and join some of the worlds most exciting and varied conversations. People from Wellington are well educated, politically aware and open.
  10. You can’t beat Wellington on a good day. It’s true, Wellington has a reputation for wind. The fresh energy it brings to the region is infectious. Wellington is also sunny, with an average of 2050 sunshine hours every year. Walking along the waterfront, swimming at Oriental Bay, watching the sunset from Mt Victoria – there is simply nowhere better to be than Wellington.
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