Fees Information

This fee information is for New Zealand students. If you are an International Student please go here to see information about International Fees.

Fees payment overview

Fees for 2018

Tuition Fees for 2018 are $18,469.00 including GST. All tuition fees are due to be paid at the time of enrollment.

Loans and Allowances

New Zealand resident students are eligible to apply for student loans and allowances provided they meet Studylink criteria. New Zealand resident students may borrow the full amount of the fees.

Course Related Costs

There are essential associated costs in the successful completion of this programme.  

Students are required to purchase the following or one with equivalent specs:

•        External High-Performance HDD AV drive with at least 1Tb format ExFat to handle files over 4Gb- $325.00 approx. This is important as the course will generate a high volume of data that will need to be backed up per project.

16gb pen/flash drive formatted to ExFat so it can be read on a pc and mac. 16gb is the minimum and, of course, more memory is better - $20.00 approx.

As a minimum a 16gb SDHC card with a bit rate of 45mb/sec. 16gb or more will ensure you have enough data space to record what you need and more.  It is important to buy a card which has a bit rate of 45mb/sec as you will be dealing with moving pictures and audio. When purchasing, look for a SDHC Class10 45mb/sec product - $55.00 approx.

It is strongly advisable to equip yourself with the following:

Good quality headphones.
A pair of steel caps boots and hard wearing leather gloves for when working onset (health and safety). This should last you well into your career - Gloves:$20.00 approx; Steel cap boots: $60.00+ approx.

Students should also allow for other associated course costs, especially for transport, catering and art department materials on productions. There are no required textbooks. There are no examination fees, nor are there any compulsory stationery costs. Students may wish to purchase a video camera or a computer, however, these are not compulsory and the school provides this services.  Having your own laptop has become a invaluable tool for students but it is not a requirement.

You can apply online to StudyLink for course related costs of up to $1000.00 using MyStudyLink.