There is a range of accommodation options for students at The Film School. The school is located in the central city, an area with a large number of students. The Film School has no on-campus accommodation.


Typically this will involve sharing a house or an apartment with other people, often students. You and your flatmates will be responsible for the rent, power and other utility costs. Flats and/or flatmate positions can be found in the ‘To Let’ columns of the local newspaper, The Dominion Post or on Trademe.

Costs are likely to be:
Rent:            $130–200 per week
Power:           $10–20 per week
Telephone:     $10–20 per week
Food:             $60–100 per week


This involves renting a room in a house or apartment, often from a family. The family will be responsible for providing the accommodation, power and often the meals. Because these are included, the cost is often higher than flatting. Boarding positions can be found in the ‘To Let’ columns of the local newspaper, The Dominion Post.

Costs are likely to be:
Rent:             $175–300 per week
Power:           included
Telephone:     $10–20 per week
Food:             included

Other Tertiary Institutions

There is some Student Accommodation offered by other tertiary organisations. This could involve renting a self-contained unit in a residential facility, or a room in a 3-, 4- or 5-bedroomed apartment with other students. The facility will provide the room and minimal furniture. All units are either self-catering or have communal kitchens where you prepare your own meals.

Massey University offers accommodation nearby. Priority is given to students attending Massey University but from time to time places are available for students attending other institutions such as The Film School. For more information visit