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    The Film School is the only industry-tutored film school in New Zealand. Unique for its visiting tutor programme, where tutors come into the School direct from the film industry.

    Sashi Meanger, Executive Director
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    Wellington is the home of filmmaking in New Zealand.

    From blockbusters like 'Lord of the Rings', 'King Kong' and 'The Hobbit' to low-budget features such as 'Second Hand Wedding' – they were all made here. Wellington loves thinkers. We are a region of smart young things and older ambitious minds. Peter Jackson has made Wellington his home – why don't you?
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    This is the trailer for Tusi Tamasese's first feature film. Tusi is a graduate of Crew 3 from The Film School.
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The NZ Film School goes Arri-alexa

Sashi Meanger – Executive Director
: The newly purchased Arri-Alexa is a fantastic asset to the film school, a high-end digital camera that only commercials and films with budgets can afford.  Our students now get to experience and train on an amazing camera that Hollywood films are using today.  As a subsidiary of Whitireia NZ Ltd, the Film School has been fortunate in transferring from shooting on an Arri-flex 16mm film camera to the highly sought after digital Arri-alexa, which is the closest match to the beauty and texture of film. This means we can continue to deliver a top quality Film qualification that is hard to match even by international standards.

Sashi Meanger
Executive Director
The Film School

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 Welcome to The New Zealand Film and Television School, an environment where committed individuals can develop their creative, technical and business skills in order to participate in, and contribute to, a viable film and production industry in New Zealand.

We welcome people with flair and dedication and a passionate commitment to New Zealand film and New Zealand stories, people who are the future of the film industry in New Zealand and beyond. We welcome storytellers to create a blueprint; potential directors to translate it into visual language; future technicians to realise the story and prospective producers to turn it into reality.

The New Zealand Film and Television School is now proudly part of Whitireia Polytechnic.

The Movies

    Check out the Filmschool vimeo channel for more of our student work.

    The Stories

    Crew 34 - Year final shoot.

    All the best with your year-end filming. Looking forward seeing your work!

    4 out of 5 student awards for Film School Grads!

    NZCS Awards 2016 Winners NZCS Awards 2016 Winners List Chip Hipolito receiving the ‘Emerging... [more]

    Crew 33 - Awesome end of year productions

     Congratulations with your awesome end of year productions! 

    Congratulation Crew 30 with two top notch productions!

    End of Year Premiere - Crew 29

    Again we were in awe for what can be achieved in such a short time.  Crew 29 has made two exceptional... [more]